Creativity Boost Week

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This week, I'm going to focus on creativity! Inspiration! Imagination! Originality! Innovation!

Sometimes, it is so difficult to jump start the creative juices, especially if your livelihood is dependent on constant innovation and artistry. Each day this week, I will post a website, image, question, quotation, anything that causes that shiver of inspirational delight from your head to your fingertips!

Your first dose of inspiration is from the website

While Polyvore is most known for fashion devotees, it is also a wonderful resource for collage-makers on the web. When I am unable to get my hands dirty or need a quick break from writing, I whip up a virtual collage on Polyvore. This website allows you to create collages by from images found on the web. Here are a few of my creations...

Love in Grunge
Pooh's Wisdom

Monday assignment: Make a ten minute collage either on Polyvore or the sticky kind. Use whatever materials are closest at hand: back issues of magazines, junk mail, food crumbs, scraps of fabric, pens, etc. Draw and paint over or under (or both!) your collage.

On Polyvore search for unusual images such as textures (grunge, sand, pavement, etc.), folk art (quilts, embroidery, etc.), food (fast food, desserts, snacks, etc.). Use a variety of different types of images in the same color palette. Or choose a theme. Incorporate a favorite quote by using Polyvore's type option.


kyles said...

oh very pretty, may i play along please...? I'll post link on my blog too xo

Hannah said...


Yes, you are welcome to pass this along on your blog. Thanks for linking back!

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