Holiday Wrap-up

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I'm signing off from posting for a week or so. I wish you a very merry Christmas or whatever wintery holiday you may be celebrating. May you be filled with lots of love, joy, happiness, carols, family snuggles, hugs and kisses, and yummy food! Here are some holiday fun links for your clicking pleasure.

The dieline has some awesome photos of gorgeous wrapped presents from all around the web.

Check out this freebie from Benign Objects. Beeauuutiful! Download such lovelies as a pillow box, 2 CD cases (one with a blank front, one that says "happy holidays."), set of small circular labels, set of larger rectangle labels, large circular labels, "Ribbon"
and some crazy-cute labels to wrap around small jars. All lovely!

Beautiful paper had a great post recently with some calendars from all over the web.

Again, happy holidays! I'll see you again soon!

22pages Holiday Contest

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22pages is offering an inspirational contest with green twist:

how much time, money, and resources would be saved if people thought outside the box of traditional wrapping? how wonderful would it be to live in a society when creativity for how a gift is eco-consciously wrapped is almost as celebrated as the gift itself?

so here it is, i am presenting a contest. send me a picture of the most creative way to wrap a gift using materials that are reused or upcycled. show me ideas using materials that have been salvaged or found somewhere amongst the endless supply of already existing materials. it can be as elaborate or as simple as you want as long as it’s wrapped from recycled/upcycled materials.

please send a picture and description of your genius eco friendly gift wrapping and contact information to

You may remember 22pages from the awesome giveaway they did a few weeks ago. So, start wrapping those gifts with a eco-cool theme and snap those pictures!

Stay Warm With...

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Oh, Deer

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Artist Highlight: Morphologica

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Elegance and style found in total geekdom. I love it. Morphologica on Etsy.

Folk Art Letterpress by 12Fifteen

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Keep Calm and Carry On Spoof Calendar

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A Rustic Christmas

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WInter Prints

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Brew me a cup for a winter's night.
For the wind howls loud and the furies fight;
Spice it with love and stir it with care,
And I'll toast our bright eyes,
my sweetheart fair.
~Minna Thomas Antrim

Holiday Magic by AddieDesigns

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I found these photographic prints by AddieDesigns today. I thought you might enjoy a peek into this magical, gingerbread world. I feel very grateful for all the wonderful people I have met through the Daily Etsian, the awesome inspiration that beckons every day, for every single one of you, my readers. Sometimes, I wish I could jump out of the website and give you a hug and join you for a cup of coffee. Instead, I wish you a day that is filled with everyday wonder. What are your simple joys today? Is gingerbread or other yummy goodies on the horizon? I hope so...


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I've been thinking a lot about blogs recently, both my own and other peoples'. I adore blogs. I love "meeting" people through their words, artwork, photos, and seeing what inspires them daily. In some of my favorite blogs, I feel like I enter another world of creativity, beauty, and magic. I enjoy sharing my loves through the medium of blogging and try to make it a lovely experience for the readers. I like the community blogging creates, the possibility for instant connection and dialogue. I've been storing up a small collection of valuable, mostly random, blogology links that I thought I'd share with you, my dear readers:

Blog Commenting - Talk it Out- By decor8
Comparing your creativity to others - Talk it Out - by decor8
How to Blog series by RocknRollBride

So, here's a few questions for you as I'm an endlessly curious person and want to know more about YOU:
- Why do you read blogs? What are your loves and hates about the blogosphere?
- What are your favorite blogs? Do you stick to a certain genre of blog?
- Do you have a blog? If so, what do you enjoy about blogging? What drives you crazy about blogging?
- Any other ideas about blogging...? Have at it. :)

Doilies and Snowflakes

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I'm in the mood for snow. Lots of snow. Not just a measly sprinkling of dusty flakes. I'm ready for a hurricane of snow. Bring it on!

How about you? Are you ready for some snow? Do you even like snow? Get ready to snuggle up under some down blankets for these snowy Etsy lovelies...

Artist Highlight: InmostLight

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I want to go live in Inmost Light, this lovely Etsy shop. The quality of light, the romantic images make me want to explore, dance, and sing. Go visit the world of Inmost Light!

Handmade Fashion: Ruffles!

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I've been seeing ruffles everywhere recently. Ruffles in fashion, jewelry, and shoes. Ruffles on ornaments and trim. Here are a few fashion pretties I found 'round Etsy.

Gray Day Outfit

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Holiday Party Outfit

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Holiday Decor Ideas from Country Living

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I love these decorations and the Swedish traditions described in this article. They feel so cozy. Here's a quote I thought you might appreciate:

No wonder, then, that she uses the piece to store her favorite holiday ornaments. Each Saint Lucia's Day, those glass orbs and straw sprays join simple white lights on the van Breems's living room tree. Elsewhere in the house, a pine garland dotted with bursts of wheat drapes over a banister, braided straw hearts adorn carved candlesticks, and a handmade wheat star perches atop that cherished dowry chest.

"Wheat is a very traditional part of the Swedish holiday aesthetic," van Breems explains, "as thanks for the annual harvest." And incorporating the grain into her home's Christmas decor is just one of the many ways van Breems keeps her sons — Lars, 13, and Martin, 10 — connected to their family heritage.

On Christmas Eve, each boy takes part in his favorite Swedish ritual: Lars prepares what is known as the offering for the animals, crafting wooden stars, rolled in a mix of peanut butter and seeds, to hang outside for the wild birds. Meanwhile, Martin helps his mother concoct customary treats, including a marzipan pig and ginger cookies called pepparkakor.

Here are some Etsy items that inspire that cozy, warm feelings of home and family. Enjoy!

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