Swag #52 - Wristlet from The Laughing Mouse

~ ~

Houston seamstress and relatively new etsian The Laughing Mouse is hosting her first giveaway. The combination of chocolate brown, chartreuse, and lavender on this wristlet are requests I've been seeing a lot in the wedding industry in my other life. They are just perfect for spring, which hopefully will come sooner than later!

Enter Here.

Swag #51 - Silkscreen from Lany Devening

~ ~

When Wishing Willow has a giveaway I can almost guarantee that it will be something special. This week they are featuring dual etsian Lany Devening, a highly degreed and talented artist of many mediums. You can snag one of her limited edition prints "Minnesota" (pictured above) when you enter here.

Swag #50 - Vector Freebies from Colorburned

~ ~

It used to be really hard to find quality vector tutorials, brushes, and swatches online. If it wasn't ugly, it was low quality, and barely worth the time spent searching for it. More recently we've seen great sites like GoMediaZine, a site which has a tutorial or advice for just about any topic that a working digital artist will face.

But - I've blogged about GoMedia before - today is all about Colorburned. Talk about fantastic, useful, high quality, FREE patterns, brushes, .SVG's and more. Colorburned is run by artist (and young republican?) Grant Friedman who in addition to all the freebies also blogs about his recent work on the site. Check out the freebie list here - and don't miss my personal favorite, the illustrator watercolor brushes seen below.

"As Seen On" buttons!

~ ~

Was your work recently featured on etsy swag? Feel free to grab our "as seen on" button with the code below. Need a different size? Let us know.

Swag #48 - Vintage Brooch from FeelFuzzy

~ ~
Graphic Designer turned etsian FeelFuzzy is giving away the brooch of your choice from her shop. Actually, her lovely flyer says it all:

Visit her splendiferous blog here.

Swag #47 - Painting by A planet named janet

~ ~

OK! Just one more for today . . . Snag this quirky painting of a character from the Rozerem commercials from etsian A Planet Named Janet. Enter Here on her blog.

Swag #46 - Free word mosaic at Wordle

~ ~

It was Kiddlebug's blog that turned me on to wordle, and I can't get over it. Enter a website (example above) or any text and the site will whip up a mural of the words. This website could provide a D.I.Y bride with everything she needs for an amazing invitation. Pop in the key words from your invitation or your wedding blog URL and viola! Free, personalized, and beautiful.

Create your own here.

Swag #45 - Adorable kids items from Kiddlebug

~ ~

EtsyMom and fabric artist Kiddlebug is giving away the item of your choice from her etsy shop. I took a peek at her shop and among the clothes and adorned pillows I spied this adorable whale onesie. How I miss those cuddly onesie days with my son, and how I am SO done having kids. It's up to you to enter and cuddle some babies for me.

Swag #44 - Chalkboard decal from Spellitout

~ ~

Spellitout is new to etsy and has yet to have that prized first sale yet. I'm sure it will happen soon as these chalkboard decals are delightful! They seem like they would be a perfect addition to any little artist's room. According to the item description they can be used with regular chalk and can be easily erased and cleaned up with a wet paper towel. Stop by her blog where they are giving the decal of your choice away.

Now if only I had a daughter who appreciated swirly vinyl chalkboards instead of a a three year old jedi . . .

Swag #43 - 8x10 Print from Madart

~ ~

Alaskan artist and etsian Madart is giving a away the 8x10 print of your choice on her blog. Stop by and check it out!

Swag #42 - Free ad-friendly blog button

~ ~

Etsian Blue Pandemonium wrote a short little piece on her blog Mytutorlist about the choice of adding advertising to her blog, which can be a tough one. I know I felt very torn at first, being the type that hates hearing their favorite song in a commercial. Yet it wasn't hard to realize that between being the owner of my own business, being a mom two a rambunctious two year old, and blogging; my time was at a premium. Value your time! Really someone should make a coffee mug that says this, I would buy it. It's one lesson many etsy shop owners learn the hard way.

Blue Pandemonium hit the nail on the head with the three principals of her ad-friendly blog button:

1. I welcome advertising on my blog.
2. I think that promoting and supporting fellow artists and small business is a great idea.
3. I sell advertising space on my blog to support my craft, my family, or another worthy cause.

So add it to your blog by visiting here!

Swag #41 - Crooked Little Studio print

~ ~

Nature Manipulated is hosting a giveaway of an 8x10 print by Crooked Little Studio. Find out the details here.

Swag #40 - Massive giveaway from The Rikrak Studio

~ ~

Help Rikrak celebrate their two year etsy anniversary with a massive giveaway.


- one vintage fabric clutch purse (made in the fabric of your choice!)
- plus one vintage fabric wallet / business card holder/ gadget home (made in the fabric of your choice!)
- plus one set of 3 fun blue vintage floral fabric magnets
- plus 2 iron-on fabric birdies (made in the fabric of your choice!)
- plus 1 pretty vintage dark turquiose blue fabric eco.brooch
- plus a few more little rikrak goodies, too!


Swag #39 - Free Printable Wedding and Stationary Sets from EmPapers

~ ~

Etsy Seller EmPapers was kind enough to let us know about all the FREE printable templates available on her website. I especially like this free printable wedding suite. Perfect for all those D.I.Y brides out there who don't want to sacrifice style when they are pinching their pennies.

If you are into free wedding templates here is another one from an estian we know quite well, Unless Someone Like You.

Swag #38 - Notebook from Tenth and Grant

~ ~

Crow and Canary is giving away a Tenth and Grant notebook on their blog. Eco friendly, with a grid interior . . . this is my kind of notebook.

Swag #37 - $40 gift certificate Emily Warner Designs

~ ~

Ever popular Wishing Willow seems to have a new giveaway every day or so. I can't keep up with them all! However this one is particularly thrilling, $40 gift certificate Emily Warner Designs. Enter here.

Swag #36 Amigurumi by Moon's Creations

~ ~

Wishing Willow is also giving away a soft fuzzy amigurumi bunny from etsy artist Moon's Creations. Start a amigurumi collection today!

Swag #35 "Sofi and The Fish" print by holli

~ ~

Wishing Willow is giving away an amazing print from etsy artist holli. The print is titled Sofi and the Fish and it makes me want to start that non-poster sized art collection I frequently dream about . . .

How to promote your Etsy Shop

~ ~
So, of course, the best way to promote your etsy shop would be to host a giveaway and share it with us here on etsy swag. However there are TONS of great ways to get the word out. Thanks to the lovely ladies at the bottom who chimed in with their two cents in a recent forum thread. Visit their shops and let them know you appreciate their advice!

Here are the yays and nays.

YAYS . . .

1. Business cards. Nothing seems to beat getting your business card into people hands. Leaving them at local businesses, sending away a few extra in each order you pack out, and always giving one to each new person you meet should cover your bases.

2. Print advertising. Sure you can advertise online without ever having to pick up the phone but supporting your local organizations is cheaper and better for your community. Google has enough money! Advertise with your local theater via a playbill, your local elementary/high school with an ad in their newsletter, or snag an ad in the program for a local charity event. This ad space is usually very cheap, and if you have products that have a wide appeal, like jewelry or bath products, you can't loose.

3. Friends and family. Don't burden them with any obligations, but your friends and family can be your best word of mouth tool. You know your mom is telling everyone about her daughter's amazing new business anyway, just casually make sure she has a few business cards on hand.

4. Postcards. Many tout that the postcard is even better than the business card. Bigger, more attractive, and easier to find in your purse. I LOVE the idea of making your postcards useable by leaving the back blank. It's like a business card and a free gift to your client to be all rolled up in one.

NAYS . . .

1. Craigslist. Sure, if you need a new apartment or are into bargin hunting craigslist the place. Trying to promote your shop? Not so much. Your time is better spent elsewhere.

2. Social newtorks like facebook, twitter, myspace. Can they drive traffic to your shop? Sure they can. Will said traffic turn into sales? That's the big maybe. In the meantime you'll spend hours a day caught up in the dredge of posting and replying. You are and artist and a crafter remember? Wouldn't you be better off doing that?

3. Online forums. Great for chatting, shooting the breeze, killing some downtime of the day. One of the thing you'll here again and again on etsy is "post in the forums!" Just like social networking, if you limit your time posting each day you may see a benefit. Spend more than fifiteen minutes a day there and - congratulations you've just wasted two hours you could have been creating! And who hasn't accidentily spent an hour or two in forums? Not me I'm sure . . .

Post comments and let us know your two cents. We're all ears!

Swag #34 Tote from Skeeda

~ ~

Blogger extrodonaire MisoSouper is giving away a lovely Skeeda tote on her blog. These sturdy totes with long shoulder straps will make shopping a trendy breeze. Get yours here!

Swag #33 - Set of 3 woodland notebooks from Thrush!

~ ~

Swag #32 - Print of your choice from Michele Maule

~ ~

Chose the bold and modern print of your choice from Michele Maule on the Vinyl Rocks My World Blog. Amazing!

Swag #31 - Pendant of your choice from Giggles and Grins

~ ~

You get to choose any pendant from the GigglesandGrins etsy shop for this giveaway hosted by OzarkScents on their blog.

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Swag #30 - Amazing Jewelry Giveaway from AliBali

~ ~

She may be new(ish) to esty but AliBali's jewelry is beautiful. Win one of these lovely pieces on her blog and be the envy of your friends. That bracelet will be mine . . .

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Swag #29 - Earrings from Burgandy

~ ~

Dramatic and moody by Burgandy earrings are the giveaway featured at The Schooner Sassafrasss blog. You are bound to snag them with the current 1 in 6 six odds!

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Swag #28 - Gift set from Little Pink Plum

~ ~

A scrabble tile pendant and decorative tin from LittlePinkPlum are the march giveaway over at Audrey's blog. Check them out here!

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Swag #27 - For the cat lover

~ ~

You know, I'm not usually a stained glass ornament kind of lady - but I am a cat person - and these are darn cute. Snag one on the Living Glass blog.

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Swag #26 - Glass pendant from pennyglassgirl

~ ~

This etsians sales are through the roof! Yet if you enter now (and don't tell your friends) you'll have a one in three chance of snagging this glass pendant from pennyglassgirl. Thems is good oods!

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Swag #25 - Sun Circle Earrings from Satin Doll & Co

~ ~

I would love to don these lovely yellow earrings from Satin Doll & Co. You can snag them here on their blog. Beware - the site has music - get your mute button ready because the earrings are worth it!

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Swag #24 - Onesies from Zingotots

~ ~

Zingo Tots is giving away a hippo onesie on their blog. They let me know about their giveaway using the neato link over on the right that says "got swag to share?" You should check it out!

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