Creative Boost Tuesday: Collecting Inspiration

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Inspiration. That little mind-tingle that buzzes down to your fingertips until they itch to create... something. Maybe it's a color combination, a passerby's fashion statement, a song on the radio, how the sunlights hits that particular tree, and so on. It's important to capture that moment of thrilling creativity for future percolation and growth as an artist.

Today, I challenge you to encapsulate a moment of inspiration (either a past thought or one that occurs today). Start a creativity journal (more on this tomorrow) or box. Start by placing your collage from yesterday in your box or journal. Add anything that sparks that mind-tingle: rocks, photos, postcards, CD's, yarn, paint samples, fabric swatches, etc. Write down dreams, desires, thoughts, poems, and quotes that inspire and encourage.

Also, consider creating a folder on your computer of images, links, mp3s, documents, etc.

Extra dose challenge: share whatever is inspiring you today! Just add a comment to this post...

Here are a sample of some Etsy lovelies that would be perfect creative journals or boxes. Purchase a handmade one or make your own!

Here are some things that are inspiring me today:


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