Creative Boost Thursday: Setting Goals

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Michelangelo once said, "Lord, grant that I may always desire more than I can accomplish." Ambition and dreams for the future motivate us to accomplish more. What are your goals and dreams? How do they impact your creativity?

Here are several websites that offer frequent challenges to prod you into action.

Here are several artists who set a goal for themselves and are now documenting the results in the form of a blog. Check them out for some creative thrills:

Today's challenge: write down your creative goals in your creative journal or box. Write down a goal for today, a month, six months, and year (or longer) from now. It can be as simple as "Do one creative thing everyday" or as complicated as starting a business or a new product line. Brainstorm, write or draw details in no specific or cohesive order. Go back and revise.


Rose Red said...

Thanks for this. I need a creative kick in the butt!

Pixel Wild Child said...

Very nice post! Thanks for sharing those sites. I only knew about Illustration Friday, but the others look promising too! :O)

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