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I've been thinking a lot about blogs recently, both my own and other peoples'. I adore blogs. I love "meeting" people through their words, artwork, photos, and seeing what inspires them daily. In some of my favorite blogs, I feel like I enter another world of creativity, beauty, and magic. I enjoy sharing my loves through the medium of blogging and try to make it a lovely experience for the readers. I like the community blogging creates, the possibility for instant connection and dialogue. I've been storing up a small collection of valuable, mostly random, blogology links that I thought I'd share with you, my dear readers:

Blog Commenting - Talk it Out- By decor8
Comparing your creativity to others - Talk it Out - by decor8
How to Blog series by RocknRollBride

So, here's a few questions for you as I'm an endlessly curious person and want to know more about YOU:
- Why do you read blogs? What are your loves and hates about the blogosphere?
- What are your favorite blogs? Do you stick to a certain genre of blog?
- Do you have a blog? If so, what do you enjoy about blogging? What drives you crazy about blogging?
- Any other ideas about blogging...? Have at it. :)


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