Design*Sponge: Biz Ladies

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Design*Sponge has created a wonderful resource for business ladies regarding the essentials of home business: legalities, branding, marketing, and more. The "Biz Ladies" column is great inspirational source as well as means for bettering your personal business. Check it out here.


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Silhouettes have been popping up all over recently. Here are some of my favorites from both Artfire and Etsy. Some shops even offer custom portraits done from photographs. Be sure to check out these lovely shops.

tulipstokiss at Etsy

lepapierstudio at Etsy - Custom portraits

PrettyFaces at Etsy - Custom Portraits

Winner of edisonrex Giveaway

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I am pleased to announced that A Rose in Bloom won the edisonrex giveaway. She commented, "Beautiful shop; I'd love the "My Spiky Friend" print...I love hedgehogs! Congratulations!

Ferry Staverman

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Here is an awesome artist from the Netherlands, Ferry Staverman. He creates gorgeous 3D paper and cardboard sculptures that are really inspiring to behold. Feast your eyes on these lovelies.

Free Download: A Little Hello Notecards

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Here are some free note cards just for you. I love handwritten correspondence. One of the highlights of my day is receiving a card from a far-flung friend.

Print these note cards and fold in half. Send them out today! Please note that these cards are FREE and are not meant to be sold.

Etsy Shop peppersprouts

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Peppersprouts is a powerhouse of innovative ideas. This Etsy shop produces awesome felt, wood, fabric, and paper beauties. Such talent! Be sure to check out peppersprouts' blog, Upstate Fancy, as well.

White Box Video

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White Box from makoto yabuki on Vimeo.

I found this video on the blog, Upstate Fancy. It is such an expansive, pretty video, sure to inspire your day. Enjoy!

Little Paper Dog Download

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Etsy seller LittlePaperDog is celebrating her "Etsy-versary," marking a year from her grand opening as an Etsy shop. (They're Etsy orange, get it? Tee hee.) In honor of this grand occasion, she is offering a free downloadable to make these oh-so-cute cupcake toppers. Download them here.

Spell It Out

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Photo Courtesy of Country Living

This is a great home decor idea that is easy to do. Spell out a word, name, or phrase. Etsy offers a range of letters in different sizes and fonts.

Giveaway: Edison Rex

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Maeg is offering a very special giveaway to all Daily Etsian readers. The winner will receive the print of their choice ($20 and under) from the edison rex shop. You may enter the giveaway by doing one (or more) of the following:

1. Post a comment, naming which print from edison rex you would choose if you were to win.
2. Twitter about the giveaway. Make sure to post a comment below letting me know you did so.
3. Post an entry on your blog about the giveaway and edison rex.

This giveaway will end on Wednesday, August 19, 2009 at 11:59PM EST. I will announce the winner of the giveaway the following day. Good luck!

Artist Highlight: Edison Rex

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Today I am happy to showcase the talents of Maeg from the Etsy shop, Edison Rex. Maeg has a whimsical, imaginative style. I am especially drawn to the narwhalus and hedgicorn prints. Now, I want a pet hedgicorn! Please welcome Maeg to the Daily Etsian!

1. Tell us about yourself.
My name is Maeg. I live in Western MA with my husband, stepdaughter, and cat. We're expecting a baby this January, too. I work as a retail artist by day and moonlight as Edison Rex!

2. What/Who inspires your work? What keeps you going every day?
I am constantly inspired by the career and work of Ashley Goldberg. I love her work and get a lot of drive just from looking at her career and the careers of others who are making a living selling their art. My faith in hard work also keeps me going!

3. Name your favorite books/authors, bands, artists, and websites:
Right now I am reading a lot of Ruth Rendell (aka Barbara Vine) and all the Sookie Stackhouse novels. I listen to everything from Ryan Adams to Kanye West, and read Ashley G's blog (, the Black Apple's blog (, and Tom and Lorenzo's blog ( close to daily.

4. What color would you be if you were a color? Why?
Oh dear. Normally I would say red, but pregnancy has made me oddly zen. So, a deep blue.

5. What advice would you give to other artists?
Only the advice I am continually trying to give myself! Keep working on your craft, be persistent. And it's okay to make money!

The PC Killed the Typewriter Star

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Clickity clack. The sound of our wireless keyboards or laptop computers fill the air. The whir of processors and fans combine with the cheerful chirrup of the keys to create a symphony of technological wizbangs. The ancestral typewriter is nearly forgotten. Here my tribute, Etsy style, to the not-forgotten typewriter star.

Etsy Finds: Faux Bois Love

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Clockwise from top left: Wallet with Blue Tree by anotherjamiedavis

"Faux bois" is French for "fake wood." Here are some Etsy finds which boast the love of wood without using a splinter of tree.

Etsy Finds: Busy-ness

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I apologize for the absence in posts recently. Things have been a bit crazy at my house. My desk is a mess. I have books and papers piled high everywhere. You may experiencing a similar situation. Here are some stylish and awesome ways to begin controlling the busy-ness in your own home. Also be sure to check out the to-do lists downloadable I made. I think to start using them more, myself. :-)

Baby Blues

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Tutorial: Crocheted Necklace

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This is an easy necklace to make. A long simple necklace is the perfect accessory to dress up a plain blouse. You may substitute the crocheted circles for other shapes by knitting, crocheting, felting, or other fiber art. This particular necklace was created entirely from a thin, silk strand that was left-over from my mother's wedding crocheted and knitted dress that my grandmother made. My grandmother also taught me to crochet. So, this necklace is a culmination of family love.

  • Approximately 18-20 crocheted circles between 1/2-1" in diameter
  • 40" of coordinating string (I used the same string that I crocheted the circles with)
  • Optional: beads, ribbon, other ephemera...
Crochet 18-20 circles. Thread the 40" string through the circles. You will need a length of string that strong enough to support a necklace. You may use ribbon instead, just remember that the ribbon will show in the stitching of the circles. Make sure you use small stitches that will stabilize the crocheted circles. If you wish to use include beads, you may stitch them into the circles (either one or both sides). Separate the circles about 2" apart. Tie the ends of the strand together.

Enjoy wearing your necklace!

Handmade Kids: Cute and Pink

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Artist Highlight: The Tiny Fig

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Connie from Tiny Fig has kindly agreed to be interviewed for the Daily Etsian. The Tiny Fig is an independent store that offers a wide array of handmade goods, from shirts to accessories, magnets to wristlets. Connie's distinctive kawaii designs are lovable and stylish. Make sure you also check out her personal blog, The Tiny Fig, and her blog about everything handmade, Sweet Figments.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia where I currently reside. I love to doodle, cook, I have a slight baking addiction, I like cute things obviously, I get pretty obsessed when it comes to hockey, I am definitely a workaholic and that's about all you need to know.

2. What is your earliest memory of creating things?
When I was young I dabbled in a lot of crafts, some of which were passed on to me from relatives and others from watching Martha Stewart and other after school craft shows. I think my earliest memory would be decorating paper bags for valentine cards in elementary school.

3. Where do you find your inspiration for your items?
Everyday life. There's so much around me everyday that inspires me. I have a huge sketch book full of ideas and doodles for things I want to illustrate or things I will eventually illustrate.

4. What's your favorite and least favorite parts of being an independent artisan?
The best part is being able to work on my own terms. I love every aspect of being a small business owner and I love learning. I don't hate it but bookkeeping is a pain.

5. What's your favorite color?

6. If you were an animal, what would you be?
hmm... a panda? I'm a little bit obsessed with pandas lately. They're so cute, fluffy and so easy to love. I want to be loved too :)

7. Name three of your favorite... websites

This one is tough. I have a lot.

Err... I don't read. Just emails.

Kate Voegele
One Republic
The Ting Tings

8. What advice would you give to other artisans?
Always do research before spending loads of money on supplies and new crafts.

Etsy Seller Tips: Link Love

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I wanted to share a collection of links for Etsy sellers. I found these articles to be quite informative with good, practical tips. Make sure you have also checked out good ol' Etsy's Storque posts on the Seller's Handbook and Artfire's tips on Handmade News.

Understanding Google Analytics for Etsy: Timothy Adam does it again with a great overview of how to best utilize Google Analytics to gain information about the visitors to your Etsy shop. Great links and useful information.
Modish Biz Tips: This awesome blog by the talented Jena from Modish offers an array of great tips for indie sellers.
#!etsyhacks: A great grouping of "Etsy hacks," including the Relist Item Link (which adds a "relist" button to each transaction on the "Sold" page) and the Convo Enhancer (which adds the order number and receipt link to convos started from the receipt page).
Handmade Marketing: Tips for sellers by sellers, ranging from the super-specific to the broader topics of running an online handmade shop. The site writes "After opening their online doors, sellers can get lost along the way. Our hope for our website to provide some helpful tips and thoughtful suggestions."
Squidoo's Tools for Etsy Sellers: Links and articles to running an Etsy shop. Good for novices and experts alike.
Etsy Mentors Blog: A blog created by experienced Etsy sellers (TheHouseOfMouse and lishlash), featuring posts such as "Time Management and Etsy" and tips on social networking, online communities, and more.
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