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If there is one that the British and the English in particular are best known for it is their love of tea. 
Without tea workmen can not work, with tea there is the slimmest chance that after it has worked its restorative magic they might get on with fitting your bathroom or finish demolishing the rest of that wall. 
A year or so ago before my daughter was born I found myself stranded at home, bereft of tea bags awaiting the arrival of the carpet layers who were due to put the carper down in the nursery. With visions of irate workmen and rolls of carpet running through my addled brain I was very relieved when they both expressed a preference for coffee.

So pop on the kettle and have a look at this week's picks, inspired by the humble yet mighty cup (or mug) of tea! 

What a Mug!
This may be a mug, but you won't be one for coveting it! I love everything about this Blue Argile Mug from Mullox; the colour, the shape, the mugginess! What beats me is how I managed to discover this shop before anyone else! There is something very Liberty's about this mug, andit  has a generously sized handle, so bigger hands can hold it and stay warm.

A Paler Shade of Green
If you prefer a cleansing green tea, as opposed to the traditional brew that a spoon could stand in, then this gorgeous handle-less Aqua cup from Bridgeman Studios is the perfect choice. It is a snuggley size, perfect for cupping and a lovely calming aqua green. 

"I know someone who is immensely fond of Strawberry Tarts!"
And I know someone who is immensely fond Strawberry Tea Sets! From The Fancy Footworks Pottery Studios this is a stunning strawberry coloured set, perfect for your own personal tea ceremony. To be honest I am coveting everything in their shop!

Tea for Me!
And for those times when you aren't actually partaking of tea there is this felt brooch from Lupin which will dispel any mystery surrounding your beverage of choice! 

Ah the kettle has boiled so that's all from me this week! 
Everyone change places!



creamrose said...

Lovely items..i adore the strawb set..soo pretty:)

Bigbluebed said...

All gorgeous. I like 'normal' tea and grren tea too!

Claira said...

Tea is the best! x

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