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Ok, ok, so at first glance the new category pages don't look like anything special, but when you dig down into them you'll see they contain some subtle changes that are indeed helpful. The update includes a nested subcategory list, bigger better showcases, and a new area for that contains the category info plus a little illustration for all of us right brained visual thinkers out there. Huge changes? Nope. But useful? I think so.

Etsy also said that they are planning on utilizing the unused space below the subcategory list for content related to the category, which is exciting for me. How wonderful would it be to have the handmade wedding series actually ON the wedding category page? Ok, maybe that's one of those things only wedding sellers like me geek out about, but still, it's a wonderful idea, as the storque is a wonderful place that is a little out of the way on the site. Thanks etsy for the hard work, and obviously hard thought out, changes.

So, anyone tempted by the new larger showcases to try to snag a spot? I've still never tried the showcase myself, and the debate seems to rage on in the forums of whether they are worth it or not. hm. I think I sense a new topic for next weeks issue. . .


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