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I hadn't been over to checkout the ol' Heart-o-matic in a while, and was pleasantly surprised when I found out it's now being hosted by the craft cult and has a pretty new interface. Those of us "seasoned" etsians will remember the heartomatic from the ill-fated EtsyTools site which went up in flames with all kinds of whispered about drama that reportedly included death threats on the creators. Needless to say, after that I didn't visit the heartomatic as much. It changed sites, and I kind of lost track of it for while.

But! It's back, and beautiful, and still as useful as ever. I personally don't keep track of my views on etsy at all, they don't seem to correlate much to sales and the only information I ever really gathered from them were what pictures on my site people seemed to like best. Hearts however, do seem to match up to sales a bit more than views, and can be insightful when thinking about which of my designs to renew, and which to drop.

Check out the heartomatic here and find out how your view to heart ratio on each listing in your shop, plus other fun and interesting stats.


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