Do you Etsy Hack?

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I am of the opinion that etsy on the whole is a beautiful and fairly functional site. The basics are all there, as in, it's easy enough to list something to sell for the first time. But as you go through the listing process again, and again (as your shop grows with wild success of course!) you start to realize that you are spending a lot of time on etsy doing the same repetive tasks, and that the interface that seemed so handy at first is really a little cluncky.

And enter etsy hacks into your life.

Etsy hacks is a FREE add-on to the firefox browser that drastically improves the workflow of an average etsy seller. It is easy enough to install. First install Greasemonkey which is the add-on program that lets etsy hacks do it's thing. Then choose from the list of hacks that you'd like to use. The list of hacks range from useful to everyone such as "Copy This Listing," a hack that lets you duplicate any listing with ONE CLICK, to "Forum Wrangler" a hack that adds little improvements for for those who troll the forums, such as a hack that lets you jump to the last read page of any thread, which is handy when you can't remember if you were on page 23 or 32 of the latest out of control thread that you can't stop reading even though you want to.

There are currently over 24 hacks up on the site, and that number is sure to grow now that the etsy API has been released. Follow the etsy hacks blog, dontate for all the hard work put into these lovely hacks, and give your mouse clicking finger a much needed rest!


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