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It's Friday afternoon. I hope you are thinking of good things, perhaps spending time with loved ones this weekend? Of creating, of dreaming, of drinking coffee and reading a good book? Here are a few things that are on my mind (in no particular order):

- that I have a fresh treasure trove of books from the library
- wondering what my fiance and I are going to do on valentine's day (last year, we went to a ceramic store and painted figurines - AWESOME date!)
- trying to ignore the hypocrisy of reading a book about procrastination while surrounded by a complete mess
- a long list of prayer intentions, especially the people of Haiti.

What are you thinking about? Please share in the comment section... :) Have a good weekend!


Lola said...

I am thinking about a how-to crochet book I purchased today for my mom. She started crocheting, a week ago. Did I say I found the book at my local library for .75?

Soul of the Rose said...

Lola, I love the sales at my local library. Sometimes you can find great buys. This is also why my book shelves are nearing the double-stacked mark. Ooops. :)

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