5 Things to Do to Help Your Handmade Business Neighbor

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I love the handmade community. I have found so many supportive, inspiring people who are doing what they love. I enjoy promoting independent artisans on this blog. Here is a list of five things you can do to help the indie business "next door." What keeps this community strong is the mutual support of the members. Let's help handmade stay strong on the web.

1. Write an e-mail or convo of encouragement to a new shop on Etsy or Artfire. Offer to swap business cards to place in outgoing packages.
2. Highlight an artisan you feel deserves more recognition on your twitter or blog. Send them an e-mail with a URL to your blog.
3. Do you have a favorite artist on Etsy or Artfire? Maybe you want to link to their shop on your shop announcement. Or ask them if they would like to trade links.
4. Have you recently bought a handmade item? Consider reviewing the item on your blog. Or simply send a thank you e-mail to the artist.
5. List a PIF item. According to popular Etsy legend, when the company first started one of the artists did something nice for another shop owner and started the tradition of offering something for free. Create a listing for $0.20 (the lowest possible on Etsy). You can choose to have the buyer pay for shipping or not, it's your choice. Do something nice for a stranger and ask them to do something nice in return. Make sure to tag the item as a "PIF" in the title, description, and tagging section. You may want to explain the concept in the description.

Anyways, do something nice for another seller this week.

PS All the items featured the past few days are from undiscovered shops. Enjoy. :)


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