A New Year for Handmade Business

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A new year. A new beginning. What are your resolutions for this year? Do you have any big plans for your handmade business? Here are some ideas to expand your business. Some the ideas have been around for while now and perhaps you've been kicking around some of them, procrastinating. Seize the day (and the year), by trying them out presto pronto!

In a recent article on Etsy's Storque about
adVintageous (see article here), the seller, Allison, speaks of her success with little business cards advertising her business on Etsy. Check out Moo.com (which partners with Etsy to use photos from your Etsy site) or another website such as VistaPrint or 123Print. It's a relatively small investment (between $4-$20 before shipping) that could lead to future sales.

This fall, Etsy started uploading listings to Google's product search engine. This way, people who are shopping around for an item using key words on Google can stumble across your products on Etsy. All you have to do is enable this feature by
clicking here. This is a completely free and easy way to ensure your products get more exposure!

Another free way to optimize your handmade business on Etsy is to utilize
Google Analytics. Basically, Google just figures out all sorts of statistics such as the amount of people clicking parts of your shop, the most popular items, the most popular time people visit your shop, etc. It's a wealth of information that you can use to your advantage. Set up Google Analytics on Etsy here. For more information about using Google Analytics on Etsy click here.

Check back soon for more ideas on how to improve your handmade business this year. Keep smiling. :)


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