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Yesterday, Etsy made it possible to link your Etsy activities with your Facebook account. According the Storque article, "You can share your Etsy activity with your friends! When you list an item or heart an item (add an item to your Etsy Favorites) while connected with Facebook, you will see an option to share that action on Facebook in the form of a story published to your Facebook News Feed." The integration of a social networking site such as Facebook is a good promotion tool. The opportunity to showcase some of your most recent listings can definitely boost the number of viewings. While this was possible prior to yesterday by using the "link" option on Facebook, this new integration does make the entire process easier and more efficient.

Unfortunately, as of now, the "Facebook Connect" tool does not allow you to post Etsy activity to your business/fan pages. According to the Storque article, "This is not possible at this time because Facebook Pages are tied to Profiles, and you can't log in to a Facebook Page (only a Profile)." Perhaps in the future.

The accessibility of "Facebook Connect" seems to be great. The overall practicality as of now is questionable. I would like to see a more options on how Etsy can integrate in the world of cloud computing.


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