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Today, I am highlighting the work of MetalPressions, an Etsy store that features handstamped Sterling Silver, Gold, Brass, Copper and Photo Jewelry. Elisha Argentinis makes beautiful works of art to wear or use (such as the awesome guitar pick!).


1) Tell us five things about you that define "Elisha-ness". I always find answering these type of questions tough. It's not often that I get a chance to reflect on what makes me "me". I am definitely crafty, always messing with something if it is not the jewelry. Stamping, scrapbooking, cooking, you name it I've done it or am willing to give it a try. I even knitted for a while. I am generally cheerful, always bringing smiles to faces wherever I go. I like to think that I am viewed as a pleasant and friendly person. I think I broadcast a good vibe.
2) Where did you come up with the idea of selling custom jewelry? Where/how did you learn this art? Like I said I am crafty and have always been participating in one thing or another. One of my first endeavors was making oil lamps using dried flowers, which were very beautiful. I eventually got into rubber stamping and scrapbooking. I held classes and participated in card swaps. It was a ton of fun and a great creative outlet! At one point a friend of mine was making resin photo jewelry and had mentioned that she thought I would love metal stamping. She had done it herself. From there I bought my first metal stamp set, stole some of my husbands tools, and the rest was history. With over 10 years of papercrafting layout and design behind me, it was an easy transition to design on metal. I basically taught myself how to do it with a little experimentation and reading.

3) What's your favorite/least favorite running your own business?I love the ability to create, have a flexible schedule and work with my husband. Together we are not only working on creating great looking jewelery, but also a great shopping experience with world class customer service at our website What's my least favorite...I'll have to admit I am a bit of worrier and even though I have received only positive feedback, I worry about how the customer will like his or her custom made piece. My style of how I stamp jewelry is a reflection of me and at the end of the day I just want the customer to be as happy about getting their jewelry as I was making it for them.
4) Any tips (about promoting yourself and running your own business on Etsy or not) that you would like to share with other artists? Etsy is a great place and we are so happy to be a part of it and have opportunities to meet great people like you and your readers. We have a simple formula to success for Etsy and else where... Great Products & Great Service. All the flashy pictures and fancy descriptions can help but what counts most for us is reputation. We try not only to meet people's expectations, but exceed them. Our customers have given us the privilege to sell to them, and we never take that for granted.


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