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On grey and rainy Chicago days, like today, I need a little more than green tea or coffee to get my creative fires stoked.  Often I'll turn to my twitter feed for inspiration. It never takes more than moment to find an exciting artist with amazing work.  

photo by ArtMind 

It took me about three seconds to stumble into Artmind's etsy shop from my twitter feed. I was pleasantly surprised by what I found when I got there, small 3" ceramic sculptures that are made to order, each representing a feeling.

photo by ArtMind 

I try to resist the urge to buy a slew of "feelings" right then and push on through Artmind's shop. A few moments more and I find these amazing translucent greeting cards.   Each card contains a small stuffed felt creation . . .

photo by ArtMind 

photo by ArtMind 

I would absolutely treasure receiving this card if I were sick, being the sentimental old softy that I am.  Artmind has a whole range of topics for these cards, such as the "new home" version I plan on purchasing for a friend who just bid on their first house - check them out here.  

A peek into her profile tells me that ArtMind's creations are made by Mitsy, a belgim based artist who hates "snails and the slimy trail they leave behind," and loves "the smell of books."  As I read her profile I am struck by how well it fits the description of how to write your profile as recommended by etsy, informational, professional, yet unique. 

Now to figure out which feelings will make my son's bedroom complete.   Have a great find from your twitter feed?  Share it here.  


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