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Lately in my own work I've been exploring textures.  I'm not quite ready to bring any of my creations to my etsy shop yet, but adding this new dimension to my digital art has been intriguing.

This journey has led me all around the web looking for high-res resources to create textures from.  Today I stumbled upon a very interesting site called Lost and Taken.  The thing that sets Lost and Taken apart from the myriad of free texture sites out there is the obvious thought behind the textures they offer.  Most sites will only have the old standards, concrete, paper, fabric.  Lost and Taken offers unique, inspiring, textures such as light blurs, and bubbles.

Download this light blur texture pack at 

Download this bubble texture pack at 

They also have a lively blog that contains links to all kinds of useful resource sites for digital designers, check it out here .

And just for fun, here's a few more of my favorite texture finds today.

Free Texture Tuesday: Concrete @ bittbox   

Denim Textures @ Six Revisions 

Wood Texures @ HRS 

Clay & Concrete Texures @ HRS

Happy texture hunting! 


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