Etsy Treasures: Eco-Chic

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My sister recently gave me a beautiful pair of lime green socks, reading “ECO-CHIC” in bold print. We both got a good chuckle out of the socks, as “eco-chic” is one of the funny catch phrases that I have been guilty of over-utilizing. However, when I examined the socks more closely, I noticed that they were 100% polyester! No bamboo, cotton, or hemp, or even recycled polyester – just 100% of unsustainable, petroleum-produced material.

This little incident started me thinking: how much do I take for face value? If a product reads “eco-friendly,” I am more likely to buy that item rather than the one sitting next to it despite the fact that I really do not know how friendly this product is for our world.

Thankfully, we consumers have the entire world wide web to research for more ideas on how we can fully live out those three “R’s” – recycle, reuse, and reduce! We also have Etsy artisans who make some beautiful and truly eco-friendly products. Here are some Etsy products to help you live a more sustainable and eco-chic lifestyle. 


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