Swag #50 - Vector Freebies from Colorburned

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It used to be really hard to find quality vector tutorials, brushes, and swatches online. If it wasn't ugly, it was low quality, and barely worth the time spent searching for it. More recently we've seen great sites like GoMediaZine, a site which has a tutorial or advice for just about any topic that a working digital artist will face.

But - I've blogged about GoMedia before - today is all about Colorburned. Talk about fantastic, useful, high quality, FREE patterns, brushes, .SVG's and more. Colorburned is run by artist (and young republican?) Grant Friedman who in addition to all the freebies also blogs about his recent work on the site. Check out the freebie list here - and don't miss my personal favorite, the illustrator watercolor brushes seen below.


Anonymous said...

Very cool.

Marie-Eve said...

Thank you so much for that link... but do I have to thank you for another afternoon spent in front of my laptop screen? :)

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