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Etsian Blue Pandemonium wrote a short little piece on her blog Mytutorlist about the choice of adding advertising to her blog, which can be a tough one. I know I felt very torn at first, being the type that hates hearing their favorite song in a commercial. Yet it wasn't hard to realize that between being the owner of my own business, being a mom two a rambunctious two year old, and blogging; my time was at a premium. Value your time! Really someone should make a coffee mug that says this, I would buy it. It's one lesson many etsy shop owners learn the hard way.

Blue Pandemonium hit the nail on the head with the three principals of her ad-friendly blog button:

1. I welcome advertising on my blog.
2. I think that promoting and supporting fellow artists and small business is a great idea.
3. I sell advertising space on my blog to support my craft, my family, or another worthy cause.

So add it to your blog by visiting here!


Mytutorlist.com said...

Heyyy! That's cool! Thanks for writing a post about ME. I'm very, very flattered and I'm so delighted to see you using the free button. *beams*

Happy advertising to you all!

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