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So, of course, the best way to promote your etsy shop would be to host a giveaway and share it with us here on etsy swag. However there are TONS of great ways to get the word out. Thanks to the lovely ladies at the bottom who chimed in with their two cents in a recent forum thread. Visit their shops and let them know you appreciate their advice!

Here are the yays and nays.

YAYS . . .

1. Business cards. Nothing seems to beat getting your business card into people hands. Leaving them at local businesses, sending away a few extra in each order you pack out, and always giving one to each new person you meet should cover your bases.

2. Print advertising. Sure you can advertise online without ever having to pick up the phone but supporting your local organizations is cheaper and better for your community. Google has enough money! Advertise with your local theater via a playbill, your local elementary/high school with an ad in their newsletter, or snag an ad in the program for a local charity event. This ad space is usually very cheap, and if you have products that have a wide appeal, like jewelry or bath products, you can't loose.

3. Friends and family. Don't burden them with any obligations, but your friends and family can be your best word of mouth tool. You know your mom is telling everyone about her daughter's amazing new business anyway, just casually make sure she has a few business cards on hand.

4. Postcards. Many tout that the postcard is even better than the business card. Bigger, more attractive, and easier to find in your purse. I LOVE the idea of making your postcards useable by leaving the back blank. It's like a business card and a free gift to your client to be all rolled up in one.

NAYS . . .

1. Craigslist. Sure, if you need a new apartment or are into bargin hunting craigslist the place. Trying to promote your shop? Not so much. Your time is better spent elsewhere.

2. Social newtorks like facebook, twitter, myspace. Can they drive traffic to your shop? Sure they can. Will said traffic turn into sales? That's the big maybe. In the meantime you'll spend hours a day caught up in the dredge of posting and replying. You are and artist and a crafter remember? Wouldn't you be better off doing that?

3. Online forums. Great for chatting, shooting the breeze, killing some downtime of the day. One of the thing you'll here again and again on etsy is "post in the forums!" Just like social networking, if you limit your time posting each day you may see a benefit. Spend more than fifiteen minutes a day there and - congratulations you've just wasted two hours you could have been creating! And who hasn't accidentily spent an hour or two in forums? Not me I'm sure . . .

Post comments and let us know your two cents. We're all ears!


Penny Glass Girl said...

Good to know, I am always looking for new ways to get the word out!

Kelli said...

Good post. I agree with your lists.

zoetropa said...

Thanks for the great advice! I am very guilty of wasting too much time online.

Alessandra Fusi said...

Thank you so much for these great advices!!
I'm always looking for new ways to promote my shop...And I guess that spending less time on-line is a must for me!!

Thank you!!


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