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I want to go live in the world of lobsterandswan. The calm, still, peaceful world of lobsterandswan beauty is simply lovely. Jeska, the artist behind this pretty shop, graciously consented to interviewing with the Daily Etsian. If you would like to enjoy more lobsterandswan world check out the Lobster and Swan blog and the Record the Day blog - it's like jumping into a magical sketchbook.

1. Describe yourself in three words: reserved, hopeful, imaginative

2. What do you do when you're not photographing, blogging, tweeting, or Etsy-ing? Look for inspiration within my daily routines or travels.

3. What is your favorite part of each day? Early morning when the sun is up in time to wake me, no cars on the street and lots of birds outside and a hot cup of tea with a dash of honey to warm my hands.

4. What inspired (and continues to inspire!) Lobster and Swan? Trying to savour the best from each day.

5. When did start collecting images for "Record the Day"? I have always been obsessed with magazines, designers, packaging and all things pretty so I have some images I have treasured for over 15 years!

6. What is your favorite color? Antique Gold or silver.

7. Who/what is your favorite artist, website/blog, music, and writer?
Artist- Melissa White- I have been coveting Melissa's work for years as a friend has a piece and I just managed to buy one that I am so in love with. Her web address is

Website - so magical I actually found the store by accident once when I visited Paris and saw the dolls, they are just so lovely.

Blog - has to be Pia's which is the first I check religiously every day, I find it such a quietly beautiful place to spend time.

Music - I have an old New Orleans Jazz CD that I always play, that and some Billie Holiday.

Writer - Joanne Harris books always stir me, I loved Chocolat and coastliners. She always seems to paint such unusually beautiful scenes.


Lobster and swan said...

thank you for featuring me.

I love your blog style.

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