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This post is a little late; however, I have a terribly good story to proffer as an excuse. My tale involves an ambulance, ER, and a doctor who looked like the Wizard of Oz. Everything is better now, especially now that I'm back with you!

This week we covered many aspects of a handmade wedding. Today, I would like to summarize by giving you a virtual bouquet of wedding (0r not) links from around the internet.
  • Rock 'n' Roll Bride: A frequently updated website with bunches and bunches of beautiful photos featuring real weddings with a punky, offbeat, indie flair.
  • Etsy Wedding: A beautiful blog that highlights the Etsy wedding world.
  • Princess Lasertron: This lovely Etsy seller is a full-time artist, crafting beautiful felt and button creations mostly for bouquets and boutonni√®res. Not really a dedicated wedding site, but it has some really awesome, humorous posts and photos.
  • Studio On Fire: This blog is a Minnesota design and letterpress studio that does crazy-amazing work!
Please post your favorite wedding inspiration sites in the comments section. Have a good weekend, loves!


Rose Red said...

Makes me want to have a second wedding!

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