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I love hand-drawn type. In an age of online shopping and communication, the emphasis is so often placed on fast, easy typography. I think handwritten text is so distinctive, singular, and unrepeatable. I adore receiving handwritten notes in my mailbox - I always feel like I've received a little present! Everything from the "Dear...," to the "yours truly,..." is uniquely representative of the writer. In recent years, there seems to be a resurgence in interest in hand-drawn type as an alternative to computerized fonts. I have seen beautiful examples of hand-drawn type in movies such as Juno, online stores such as Free People , and even college websites. Hand-drawn type can have a gritty, mod feel as well as a homegrown organic quality. I find this unfathomable diversity to be fascinating. Words can be art in their mere appearance as well as content. has a great collection of hand-drawn type examples and resources to drool over.

Here are some examples I found around Etsy:

The etsy shop of blubicicletta has an amazing variety of hand-drawn type prints. The artist, Nicole Docimo, also has this awesome blog. Here are a few examples from their wonderfully varied store. Make sure to check them out!

This post would be incomplete if I did not feature an example of Kate Bingaman-Burt's art (here on Etsy, here on Flickr, and her blog). Everyday Kate draws a picture of something she buys. This daily art remains innovative and interesting since the inception of this project in 2002. You can buy a zine featuring her "obsessive consumption" on Etsy.


Blue Bicicletta said...

Great post---it is great to see so many artists getting handmade with their type! Thanks so much for featuring me!

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