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[2.52] soft

Can I live in Halah's photos? Please?

Life is not as straight forward

A Letter to .... [ Explored ]

fractured perspectives

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I'm loving these photos from Underrated Photographics. Emotive, grey, full of multiplicity.

Never let me down again

Mount Tabor

Back to School

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Since I've graduated from college, I miss fall-time school supplies shopping. I pick up pretty pencils or blank notebooks with excitement, only to realize that I don't *really* need to buy them since I don't go to school anymore (which is why I'll be going shopping soon to buy a bunch of discounted school supplies for disadvantaged kids in our area... at least someone will get to enjoy cute school supplies!).

ANYWAYS, here are some great finds on Etsy. Can you smell the graphite from here?

Curly Girl Design

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I recently found Curly Girl Designs (see above) at a local store. I love Leigh's collage style with bright colors coupled with witty (and true!) sayings. So far, I've only bought Leigh's cards for other people, but that is soon going to change! Also check out Leigh's store, here.

Correction: the curly girl shop is located here.. Oops. Thanks, Leigh for pointing that out! :)

Online Crafty

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I'm back. Finally. I got married. We moved into an apartment. I got sick. I got better and then sick again. It's been a crazy couple of months, but awesome because I'm married to a great dude. Anyways...

I wanted to feature a couple of great resources for inspiration on Google books. I've never really utilized this part of Google except for college essay resources. Here are few of my faves. Most of these books are "previews" (due to copyright issues, I guess) and will only let you see part of the book. Just a little fyi.

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