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So, a week or so ago, I asked you readers if anyone was interested in participating in the new feature: "Dream Feedback." J. Christina Huh responded, asking for ideas on how to improve her blog.

Soooo... wanna help a fellow creative? Please comment below with 1) one (or more) things you like about the blog. Be specific (design, color, font, layout, etc.) 2) one (or more) things she can do to improve the blog - again, please be specific. Thanks, guys!


PS If you're interested in being up a critique, just contact me here or comment on this post.


J. Christina Huh said...


Hannah said...

I was thinking the same thing! Okay, I'm going first.

1. I like the collection of photos on the right side of the blog. Fun plus it gives the reader an idea about your life and interests.
2. I like the "neatness" of your blog.
3. However, I am not fond of the yellow background. I think you would do better to go with a neutral color. Or check out some free blogspot templates such as http://itkupilli-cutencool.blogspot.com/2010/02/shabby-studio.html.
4. I also suggest creating (or asking another) to create a custom graphic for your header. It will add some character to your blog and make you stand out.

Thanks for sharing! Good luck in everything! xoH

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