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I love these decorations and the Swedish traditions described in this article. They feel so cozy. Here's a quote I thought you might appreciate:

No wonder, then, that she uses the piece to store her favorite holiday ornaments. Each Saint Lucia's Day, those glass orbs and straw sprays join simple white lights on the van Breems's living room tree. Elsewhere in the house, a pine garland dotted with bursts of wheat drapes over a banister, braided straw hearts adorn carved candlesticks, and a handmade wheat star perches atop that cherished dowry chest.

"Wheat is a very traditional part of the Swedish holiday aesthetic," van Breems explains, "as thanks for the annual harvest." And incorporating the grain into her home's Christmas decor is just one of the many ways van Breems keeps her sons — Lars, 13, and Martin, 10 — connected to their family heritage.

On Christmas Eve, each boy takes part in his favorite Swedish ritual: Lars prepares what is known as the offering for the animals, crafting wooden stars, rolled in a mix of peanut butter and seeds, to hang outside for the wild birds. Meanwhile, Martin helps his mother concoct customary treats, including a marzipan pig and ginger cookies called pepparkakor.

Here are some Etsy items that inspire that cozy, warm feelings of home and family. Enjoy!


Lola said...

Beautiful! I love the simplicity of how the stockings are hanged.

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