Tutorial: Crocheted Necklace

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This is an easy necklace to make. A long simple necklace is the perfect accessory to dress up a plain blouse. You may substitute the crocheted circles for other shapes by knitting, crocheting, felting, or other fiber art. This particular necklace was created entirely from a thin, silk strand that was left-over from my mother's wedding crocheted and knitted dress that my grandmother made. My grandmother also taught me to crochet. So, this necklace is a culmination of family love.

  • Approximately 18-20 crocheted circles between 1/2-1" in diameter
  • 40" of coordinating string (I used the same string that I crocheted the circles with)
  • Optional: beads, ribbon, other ephemera...
Crochet 18-20 circles. Thread the 40" string through the circles. You will need a length of string that strong enough to support a necklace. You may use ribbon instead, just remember that the ribbon will show in the stitching of the circles. Make sure you use small stitches that will stabilize the crocheted circles. If you wish to use include beads, you may stitch them into the circles (either one or both sides). Separate the circles about 2" apart. Tie the ends of the strand together.

Enjoy wearing your necklace!


A Rose in Bloom said...

Great tutorial; your necklace is just gorgeous! I feel inspired. :)

Christine said...

I like the texture of the necklace, and it's so versatile!
Thanks for the tutorial!

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