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Today, the Daily Etsian is interviewing Etsy seller Beth Nadler. Beth works in many different mediums and forms of art. Her work as been featured in Anthropologie, ABC Carpet and Home, Country Home Magazine, and more. Beth has two Etsy stores called, bethnadler and mypinkporch.

1. Tell us a little about yourself. I'm a mom, wife, and artist living in Westchester, NY. I love to travel, photography, and go to the movies (psychological dramas are my favorites). I also have a passion for children's books and after graduating from college, went to work for Scholastic, Inc. as a writer and editor for several years before I started my own home-decor business called The MacBeth Collection. After several years in the wholesale business, I sold my shares and now focus solely on my art and design work.

2. How did you decide you wanted to be an artist? I never really "decided" that I wanted to be an artist, I just always knew. My mom's an artist and ever since I can remember I always drew, and painted, and made my own paper clothing for my paper dolls and dabbled in every other craft imaginable. There was always big sheets of paper hanging from the walls just outside the kitchen growing up, and a can of crayons next to it. While my mom did her thing in the kitchen I was entertained by drawing on the "walls". I loved drawing when I was a year old and that feeling fortunately has remained throughout my life.

3. Name your top three favorite artists, writers, and musicians/musical groups. Hmmm, when I think about my favorite artists, writers and musicians, it's kinda tough. There are always new artists that I LOVE but as constants I would have to say; Matisse, Van Gogh, and Klimt because of the patterns, emotions, and colors (in that order). I love Faulkner, Maurice Sendak (his art and writing), and Anne Tyler. I know, very eclectic combo there. As for musicians, lately I've been listening to Jason Mraz, Jill Sobule, and always Paul Simon.

4. You work with a variety of mediums and produce your art in various forms. Did you always plan on working in so many different venues? Do you have a favorite way of expressing yourself artistically? I suppose I don't plan on working in a variety of mediums and forms, it's just what I feel like exploring at the time. For many years when I was in the home decor business my artwork had to be in a certain format and appeal to a specific audience and now I've let loose and have been having fun creating images in so many different ways. If I had to choose my absolute favorite way of expressing myself, it would be through collage--being able to combine bits and pieces of colors, words, and shapes is so exciting!

"In My Garden" 8x10 Glicee print by Beth Nadler

5. What inspires your work? How do you come up with your ideas? Inspirations for me come from nature, patterns, and color. Sometimes I just picture different color combinations in my head and then jot them down like recipes, I like naming them, too! I'm also constantly inspired by dreams I have. My dreams are always filled with lots of very colorful imagery and I like trying to re-create them on paper.

6. How do you promote or sell your work outside of Etsy? Showing my work at fairs and galleries is a way I've started to promote my work lately. In addition to my fine art, I've been doing freelance work such as product and textile design.

7. What advice would you give to other artists? Obviously don't give up, the world needs artists who can evoke emotions in us that remind us that we're all human and we're not robots who just go through the day to get to the next one. You have to really listen to your gut first and then make smart decisions. Do what you enjoy and you might have to tweak it a bit to make it work for you but what's the point of it all if you can't do what you really love?

"Butterfly Garden" 8x10 Glicee print


Maizie Designs said...

Thanks for sharing this amazing feature. Great questions and I enjoyed reading through the answers!

Docnad said...

These are beautiful designs!

Pixel Wild Child said...

Very nice interview to read! Beth's colour palettes are just amazing... very, very nice art!

Gina Shaw said...

What a wondeful interview by a sensational artist! I loved reading it! Beth's work is truly beautiful and inspirational.

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