10 Easy, Cheap Things to Do to Improve Your Handmade Business Today!

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1. Re-list one item.
2. Sign up for Outright for FREE to better organize and simplify bookkeeping.
3. Sign up for Project Wonderful for FREE. Create an ad for your Etsy shop. You can bid for sites that are currently offering free ads. Or invest some money in advertising. You can spend as little as you want (as little as $0.01 a day!) or as much. It's completely up to you. You can even advertise on the Daily Etsian by clicking here.
4. Choose one social networking site (Facebook, twitter, etc.) to work on this year. Create a game plan of small steps to make this happen successfully.
5. Post in a forum, asking for a critique of your shop. Or ask an artistic friend. Reflect honestly about what you can do visually to make your shop more attractive. Think better photographs, more concise descriptions, better tagging for SEO, more cohesive backgrounds for your photographs, etc. Change one thing about your shop today.
6. Edit your photos so you can get the best quality, most realistic color, etc. Try using Picasa from Google which is 100% free. My sister adores this program. Picasa is easy to use and a good, basic photo editing. Available for download with Windows, Mac, and even Linux (Beta). Edit one photo today.
7. Create tags to include with all your packages. Make sure your e-mail address and URL are clearly visible.
8. Wrap up packages to look like presents. People love presents - even those they bought for themselves. Nice packaging makes one feel luxurious. Plus, you probably already own wrapping paper (or tissue paper) and ribbon (or twine or yarn). Think of cheap alternatives - maybe go shopping at the dollar store. Offer free wrapping for presents.
9. Evaluate your avatar. See my post about the importance of avatars here.
10. Make sure you are utilizing all the image and tag availability. For example, one Etsy you're allowed five photographs for each listing. Use all five. If you're allowed 14 tags, use all 14. If you can't think of 14, use the thesaurus.


-dan-d- said...

Hey look! My coasters are on your blog! How exciting! Thanks for that, and for the tips as well! I'm new on Etsy... Still waiting on my first sale. :-)

Have a happy day!

ESellerAds said...

Great post!
You can also enable shopping right from in your blog or site by adding ESellerAds. They're free.

Patricia C Vener said...

Excellent list and reminders of good Etsy habits. I personally am still having trouble with the tagging aspect. I haven't tried Project Wonderful but I might look into it later in the year. I haven't looked into Outright but this is the second or third time some one has mentioned it so maybe I will look into that as well.

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